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The loose collection of model yacht racers has been sailing in Fairfield County since just after New York's Central park installed their Pond (1875),  close as we can discover sometime in 1898. Many venues are still used for modeling yachting; Binney Pond, Held Pond, Bruce Park, The latest rendition of our group uses Brewster Pond in Stratford CT as our home waters. Today we race both the CR 914 class and the Dragonflight 95 class as our standard boats. Most sailors have multiple classes and so from time to time we might field EC12's or Marblehead's or even US one meters.

The fleet recently added CR914 to our boat list.  It’s amazing as each time we sail either someone shows up and wants to try out our fleet boat and is hooked or someone say’s, “Hey, I have one of those”.    If you haven’t tried remote control racing, please come down and have some fun.  These boats have all the controls so you learn to adjust outhaul, Cunningham, weather helm, etc. and you’ll also sharpen your skills on the rules while you stand elbow to elbow with your competitor and have friendly discussions.

Most members enjoy racing sailboats, some also enjoy the building process. These "builders" are always willing to help construct a model or refurbish a used boat. Don't hesitate to ask they enjoy the "work"



1 Marcus Drive Stratford, CT, USA

203 375-4603 0r 203 261-4220



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Stratford Model Yacht Club

Central Connecticut Shoreline Radio Controlled Model Sailboats.

All Classes Welcome – EC12 CR914 DF95 DF65 IOM Star45 Internationals

AMYA #176


Welcome to the Stratford Model Yacht Club!  Whether you have already just joined, or think you might be interested in joining us, this document is intended to provide information about our club and the location where we sail. If you have any unanswered questions left after reading this, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the club officers.

We are a sanctioned club of the American Model Yachting Association, (we are club number 176) and while our members own a very wide variety of sail boat designs, we regularly race two classes of model yachts, DF95’2 and CR914’s. We usually race most Saturdays weather permitting even during the colder months. Once the pond freezes we get together to work on building and improving our boats.

The Pond we sail on is a public pond with plenty of free parking. Unfortunately, it is a little difficult to find. Google maps will find it for you if you search on 1 Marcus Drive Stratford CT.

SMYC strives toward active participation of all able members in our sailing activities.

Anyone will tell you that in-order to enjoy the racing aspects of our sport you will need to have a boat that is a common design of the club in your area. Since our club uses DF95’s and CR914’s we have boats available for you to try out before you join us (loaner boats). There is no limitation on how long you take advantage of the loaner boats but within reason we expect that you would own your own boat when you join our group. There are no other entrance interviews or membership maintenance requirements other than submission of an application and paying the annual dues ($1). Once submitted, dues will not be refunded.

We of course also value our long standing members and are very appreciative of those who choose to continue their membership when travel distance or physical limitations no longer allow boat ownership and active participation.

Where can I get a boat? Most members have multiple boats and would be willing to sell you a used one. These boats are usually the most competitive boats since a used local boat would be already set up for the local conditions. and would come with an "expert/mentor" who already knows the boat and class. Brand new boats are available from Chesapeake Performance models (rcyachts.com) in the case of CR914 and from Joysway (radiosailing.net) in the case of  DF95.

How much will it cost? Club Dues are $1 per year; CR914's cost between $250 and $800 for an already built boat depending on how much it has been used. (you will need to add a radio for Approximately $200.) New CR914's are available in Kit form for $495. (kit assembly is straight forward and enjoyable but takes approximately 10 hours for a beginner. Radio is included in a CR914 Kit)

DragonFlight's cost  $395 for an almost ready to sail kit assembly would be about 3 hours for a beginner. In the case of a DF95 again you will need to supply a radio for $200. Radios can be used by many different models so the expense of the radion can be shared across many different models as your fleet grows. These upfront costs for the radio and model do not recur each year. with care a current generation model can last 10 or 15 years.

Can a big budget impact how fast your boat can go? NO. these boats are all built to very strict class rules which keep the costs low and do not allow for any (expensive) improvements in the boats. The one design limits emphasize the boat tuning and handling to win races.